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Would you love to experience a colour analysis with me, but live in a different part of the UK, another Country or you are pushed for time? It is now possible for you to join me for an in-depth, virtual colour analysis session from the comfort of your own home.

-Convenient consultation via email
-A full, personalised Colour Analysis downloadable report to help you understand which skin tone type you have and how to choose colours and dress yourself in a way that you will love!
– A 15 x 10 cm rigid plasticised cardboard with 60 representative colours
– 13 colours for your beauty directions: blush, eyes and lip
– Plus 15 additional colours for your wardrobe: accessories, base and jewels

-You can start to enjoy successful shopping trips and know what colours to buy.
-You will obtain a healthy and enviable complexion, complemented by your correct choice of clothing colours.
– It will enable you to pick out the right coloured items from your wardrobe and successfully combine them together with ease.
– Save money! Because you will not be wasting your money on colours & styles that you will never wear because they do not suit you.
– Learn which colours and tones suit you and which to avoid.
– Learn which styles fit your body shape best.
– PLUS: you will also learn about which make-up and hair colours suit you best too!

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Please Follow These 2 Steps to Book Your Personalized Online Colour Analysis Package With 30 Minute Zoom Chat
Step #1 :Email the following items:

A. Pictures of You and Your Face:
– Current Picture of Your Face: A clear picture of your face with no makeup, no colouring from self-tanner and no shadows in natural daylight – preferably standing by a window or outside (not direct sunlight). If you wear eyeglasses, please remove them for this picture. If you currently colour your hair, please send a picture with your hair off your face as well (perhaps cover it with a white scarf). The clearer pictures of yourself you want to send, the better (helps to confirm). Please also consider wearing a neutral-coloured shirt in the photos sent (white shirt is most ideal). If sending multiple pictures of your face, please ensure there is no difference in your colouring between the photos. It is also best to ensure the picture(s) of your face represent your true natural colouring as it appears in-person in natural daylight before sending.
– Pictures Of You Over Time: Please send pictures of you a) before puberty (prior to age 17), b) post puberty (in your 20’s) c) in your 30’s (if applicable). It is most optimal that these pictures are in natural daylighting. If you do not have access to pictures of you over time, please send a description of your natural hair colouring for the age ranges above along with other colouring characteristics like whether you freckled, whether you easily flushed or blushed etc.

B. Eye Pictures:
– A clear picture where the lines and curves in your eyes are visible.  Please ensure the picture of your eye pattern is clear and has very little to no glare on it before sending. While your eye colour is somewhat helpful, your eye pattern clarity in this photo is more important.
– A clear picture of your eyes taken from a short distance (no need to see the pattern in your eyes in this picture, just want to see your eyes from a bit further away).

C. Natural Hair Colour Information:
– For each photo submitted, please indicate if the hair colour pictured is your natural hair colour.
– Please also indicate what your current natural hair colour is in a note in your email. If you do not submit pictures over time of yourself (i.e., they are not available to you) or do not have pictures of yourself with your natural hair colour, please describe your natural hair colour in your 20’s in a note in your email.

D. Supporting Colouring:
– A picture of the inside of your forearm (from elbow to wrist) in natural daylight (not direct sunlight). Bernitta does not use this picture to look at your veins (she is not a fan of the vein test). She uses this picture to see another area of your skin colouring usually not impacted by exposure to environment (i.e., the sun etc.).

Within 2 business days you will receive a confirming your package booking. I will also review your submission to ensure that all photos and information required has been submitted and is clear enough to be analysed. I may follow-up with you if additional photos or information are required. Once all photos and information is fully received, Bernitta will then complete your Personalised Virtual Colour Analysis and email you your report within 10 business days.

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