Have you ever noticed that certain clothing colours make you look tired and washed out, while others instantly make you look stunning? Selecting the wrong colours for your clothes can leave you looking ill or off. If you want to have a wardrobe that makes you feel great, it’s paramount to find the colours that will flatter you the most. And colour analysis is a great tool to help you find them. I can show you how to express your personality through colour, style and make-up and give you the confidence to wear the colours that make you glow.

My colour analysis consultation will help you discover which colours make you look younger, healthier and more confident. I will show you how to combine these colours in outfits that will help you to look and feel fabulous every day and give you the confidence to express your individuality through colour.
During your colour analysis you will discover whether you look better in lighter or darker colours, in warmer or cooler colours and whether clear, bright colours or soft colours suit you best.

What to expect from a Colour Consultation

-A full, personalised Colour Analysis report to help you understand which skin tone type you have and how to choose colours and dress yourself in a way that you will love!
– A 15 x 10 cm rigid plasticised cardboard with 60 representative colours
– 13 colours for your beauty directions: blush, eyes and lip
– Plus 15 additional colours for your wardrobe: accessories, base and jewels
– We’ll identify your best neutrals, whether you wear gold or silver best, determine how bright, light, dark or muted your colours need to be to make you glow and in doing this you’ll also learn which colours make you fade way or overpower you so you can avoid them.

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