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I work “one-on-one with clients, helping them to: achieve a new look, gain confidence, improve their personality, and live a frustration-free, balanced, happy, and fulfilled life. I am also passionate about encouraging brands and corporate companies to streamline their grooming standards and help employees dress with purpose and poise when they go to work in the morning.

I will help you to become the person you want to be and live the life that you deserve. Style coaching offers a uniquely “layered” approach, the surface layer includes…

Body shape and colour analysis
Wardrobe makeovers
Personal shopping
And every other aspect of the outer appearance
Merged with all of these topics we have the deeper layers, where we look at how appearance interrelates with the emotional states we experience on a daily basis…

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Style coaching is not just about the clothes you wear and the image you present to yourself in the mirror and to people around you. It is about the whole you, on every level, it’s about awareness and appreciation of who you are as well as how you feel about yourself (your inner and outer confidence levels). The aim is to become effortlessly stylish and comfortable in our own skin without the process being complicated or expensive.

What areas do I work on?
Clothes, and styles that enhance
Hair, skin, make-up, and overall personal grooming
Discovering and developing a new image
Professional wardrobe planning and decluttering
Professional personal shopping
Analysis of body shape, colour Season and style Personality
Secrets of looking and feeling more youthful

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