Tips on how to shop successfully

Before you ever think of going out for shopping, it is important you review your wardrobe by
· Taking pictures of your current wardrobe, it allows you to know what clothes you already have in your wardrobe.
· You have to be extremely honest with yourself, are their clothes that you adore yet have now exhausted and look worn out?
· Do you have to purchase a substitution for it?
· There is a probability that these worn out clothes are wardrobe staples and would require a replacement. Ensure that they go to the top of the shopping list.
Then the next thing to do is to identify
· Those items and clothes that are not in your wardrobe
· Your shopping list should depend on the activity you need them for
· Your weekly activity should be reviewed based on the items in your wardrobe
· If you invest 70% of your energy at work, is 70% of your wardrobe your work wear?
· Invest in less items in the best quality that you can afford
· When deciding whether to invest on a piece, do a cost per wear estimation, and consider how frequent you will wear it and how long it will last.
And finally, before you buy any thing
· Make sure any new clothes can be worn with at least three existing things in your wardrobe
· Never purchase anything you simply like. Just purchase things you love
· No enthusiastic or hasty shopping!
· Just in light of the fact that it’s a bargain or reduced cost doesn’t make it right for you.
Also, remember, this is about you! what is right for your wardrobe is altogether different from what works for another person.

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