The four skin types and how to tell which you are

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Welcome to my blog post, today we figure out what your skin type is. Now a lot of you may already know what your skin type is, but a lot of us don’t, and we have been using product that are not meant for the skin type you think you have and that has being doing more damage to your skin.

The best way to care for your skin is to know your skin type. How do you feel going into a skin care department and you’re being ask what’s your skin type? And you’re like hmmm, I totally understand because have been there before. So, in this post we’ll figure out what your skin type is. Because knowing your skin type will help you to determine which products to buy and which skincare regime to follow. And am here to make it has simple as possible.

There are four different types of skin, we have the normal skin type, oily, dry and combination. Using the bare face method. The first thing you want to do is to wash your face with a mild foaming cleanser, gently pat your face dry with a clean towel, do not apply any moisturiser or other products and wait for 40 mins or an hour to see how it feels. 

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The next thing you want to do is to get yourself a mirror or move close to a mirror and closely observe your skin, you’re going to observe how it looks and how it feels

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If you feel and look comfortable with no feeling of tightness or oiliness on your skin that means you have a normal skin. Your skin is damn near perfect, and no one will tell you this to your face but they secretly admire your skin. 

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Normal Skin

And for Oily skin, your skin will be shiny and can look greasy straight away depending on how oily you are. People with oily skin sometimes have really visible pores that are clogged and enlarged with excess oils. If you have an oily skin, you’re prone to breakouts, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, pimples, and foundation sliding off your face within a couple of hours. So, blotting paper is probably your best friend. This skin type is considered healthy if you take care of it, because the natural oils in the skin hydrate it and keep the skin young and glowy. 

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Oily Skin

Now if you notice that your skin feels tight and uncomfortable and if you can’t last twenty minutes without product, your skin will be screaming out for something moisturising to be applied. That means you have a dry skin. Or you notice some kind of tiny little lines or flakiness when you’re trying to smile or make a facial expression that shows that you have a dry skin. And also, If your skin is really dry, you’ll feel this sensation almost immediately after washing your face. If you have dry  you should drink a lot of water. You should also exfoliate to remove the outer layer of flaky and dry dead skin, but use a really really gentle exfoliant.

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Dry Skin

If your skin tends towards combination, you will probably feel a mixture of all of these effects. you notice that some part of the skin is dry and while other part is shinning, you have the characteristics of both dry and oily your cheeks might feel tight and dry, your nose will be shiny and your chin and forehead are not far behind. That means you have a combination skin, and  this is the most difficult skin type to manage, and to some degree a lot of us probably fall into the combination category.

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Combination Skin

The t-zone area (your chin, nose and forehead) can often be oilier and more congested than your cheeks. So, taking a targeted approach with your skincare routine can help to even out skin texture

And for Sensitive skin this is the reaction you get from using a product, you can have a dry skin and still have a sensitive skin and you can as well have oily skin and have a sensitive skin, sensitive skin is more of a concern. If you get red sometimes, get sunburnt easily, breakout from heavy products, or your skin can feel inflamed or itchy, you could have sensitive skin.

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Sensitive Skin

When it comes to knowing your skin type, you may have to carry out this test several times in a year as your skin type does not remain permanent through out the year, it keeps changing, due to changes in climate, intake in medication or explosion to pollution or dust.

I hope you are able to identify your skin type now. Do have a nice day.

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