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Winter : Cool and Clear E-book Guide

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Get Instant Access To Your Ultimate Colour Combination Guide. PLUS Learn How to Wear Your Winter: Cool & Clear Colour

The Winter: Cool & Clear Colour Guide is ideal for people:
With cool undertones
Who can wear cool & clear colours
Who are deep/dark (you have deep/dark hair, skin and/or eyes)
This colour guide is perfect for only Cool & Clear winters.

This guide details how to wear your COOL & CLEAR colour palette
Specific guidance on which colours to wear and avoid based on your natural colouring and tone.
What makeup colours will look best on you.
The complete Cool & Clear colour palette and your best neutrals.
A detailed 72-page e-book that breaks down your cool and clear color palette and shows you how to combine colours in clothing.

The Colour Combination Guide will help you discover:
Which colours to wear for a wedding.
Help you to understand how to create more outfits.
How to achieve a low or medium, and high contrast look
Over 200 stylish colour combinations and outfit ideas using your  Cool & Clear colour palette
Information on the Cool & Clear colour palette and its best colours
Print and Pattern suggestions
Your best neutral colours
Professionally styled outfit ideas
Winter Capsule Wardrobe Checklist
Download this PDF to your mobile device or computer.

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