1 on 1 Virtual Body Shape Analysis


1 on 1 Virtual Body Shape Analysis

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Learn to love and dress your body shape.
What’s my body shape and how do I style it?
Are these jeans the right shape for me? Can I wear a midi skirt ? Can I tuck in ? How do I create curves or hide curves?

Join leading body shape expert Bernitta to discover your Body Shape!
I will share the five key Body Shapes with you, what to wear, what to avoid and how to make the most of your figure and body shape. My online workshops are known for being fun, engaging and very informative!

We will look into:
1. Getting to know your body shape
2. Body positivity
3. You tell me about your styling challenges
4. We solve your styling challenges
5. How to emphasise or conceal
6. The magic of proportion

​You we’ll Learn:
1. The five female body shape
2. Which body shape YOU are
3. How to dress your shape
4. Discover what styles works for you and and also what to avoid
5. What to look for when you’re shopping or when you’re putting outfits together from your own wardrobe

The results?
You’ll be able to edit your wardrobe as you’ll understand the pieces that don’t work for you!
You’ll be a much more confident shopping.
You’ll be dressing that fabulous body of yours!

This list below will be emailed to you after the workshop
1. PDF with Do’s and Don’ts for your body type
2. Your own body shape look book.

This is a 1 hour ONE ON ONE workshop, ensuring a warm, intimate setting where you will be able to learn something positive about yourself in a fun, yet informative way for just £25. Plus the ticket price includes your own Body Shape Look book (worth £5.99) which will provide you with a reminder of the tips, tools and tricks learnt during the workshop, suggested styles to suit each shape as well as do’s and don’ts so you are able to dress confidently for YOUR shape.

On booking, Bernitta will send you a email to arrange an appointment.

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