Matching frames to Faces

Just like bodies, come in general shapes. Your face can be oval, oblong, round, square, or triangular. Recognizing the shape of your face assists you in determining what type of frame suits you best.

Oval: An oval face looks good in just about any type of frame.  Aviator glasses go well with an oval-shaped face.

Oblong: Oblong faces are much longer than they are wide. Frames that sit in the middle of your face break up that long line. 

Round: To deemphasize the roundness of your face, choose frames with more straight lines. 

Figure 15-10: A round frame pairs well with a square-shaped face.

Square: To deemphasize a square face, choose frames that are more rounded (see Figure 15-10). Glasses that are heavier on the top also give a lengthening effect. 

Triangular: Avoid large frames that make the upper portion of your face look bigger. Also stay away from bright colors, because these also draw attention to the top half of your face.

Skin tone and hair color also play a role in deciding which frame colors are right for you. Your glasses are meant to flatter and enhance your face, not overwhelm it. If your skin is very pale and you wear very dark glasses, for example, the glasses will stand out so much that people won’t appreciate the rest of your face.  The length of your nose is another factor to consider. If you have a short nose, wear lighter glasses that sit high on your face to maximize the visible length; if you have a long nose, glasses with a double bridge (two bars) can make it seem a bit shorter. Large frames can balance a large nose, but small frames only accentuate the size.

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