Best Jeans for your body Type.

STOP wearing the wrong jeans. One of the things that drives me crazy is when I see women wearing the wrong pair of jeans. Low, mid, or high-rise jeans, what’s the difference?

A lot of time, we feel like there’s something wrong with our body when we put on a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit right? And we have like fat coming over the edges, we have tummy bubbles and muffin tops. Ladies there’s nothing wrong with our body, our bodies are beautiful just the way it is.
The reason you have fat and tummy bubbles coming over the edges is because the jeans you are wearing are not suited for your body type, you’re wearing the wrong pair of jeans.

With so many different styles available, finding your ideal pair of jeans can sometimes be a bit of a headache.
Every lady needs a good pair of jeans. They’re timeless and versatile; a good fitting pair of jeans will always be there for you when you’re in need of a fabulous outfit.
So, today we’re talking about low rise, mid-rise, and high rise, what the difference is, and which type of jean is best for you.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is the jean rise?
The rise of a jean is the measurement between the waistband and the crotch seam. When brands describe the rise of jeans, they refer to the distance from the middle of the crotch to the top of the waistband. It usually ranges from 7 inches to 12 inches.

When it comes to shopping for denim, one of the most important features is the rise of the jean. That’s why you’ll usually see the rise outlined in the jean description! In addition to that, it determines where your jeans sit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline.

When choosing a jean and rise, the most important thing is choosing a style that you like and feel-good in. Have yourself measured before shopping for a pair of jeans, but if you can’t find someone to measure you or you can’t measure yourself, ask yourself these questions:
Which type will suit my body type? Do I have a big tummy? Do I have a long or short torso? What type of waist do I have? Is my waistline long or short, or do I have a flat tummy? Ask yourself these questions before shopping for jeans, if you’re able to provide an answer to these questions, that will help you when shopping. Don’t just go out there and buy jeans because you want to wear them; you have to know your body type and what type of jean waist will fit your figure.

Ladies, knowing the rise of your jeans is very important; it can work for you or against you. If you choose the perfect rise, this will make you look slimmer instantly. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong type of rise or the wrong type of waist, it will instantly make you look disproportional, and it can also create problems such as a muffin top or gaping at the back.
I always prefer Medium and ‘high-rise’ jeans as I find them more comfortable and flattering to my figure, but here are some key facts to help you decide which are best for you.

There are six types of rises in a jean. We have high-rise, original rise, regular-rise, medium rise, low-rise, and ultra-low-rise jeans. In this video, we’ll look at low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise jean.

So, let’s look at the first. Which is low rise? When brands describe jeans as low rise, it simply means that the jeans sit approximately 2 to 3 inches below the belly button and well below the hips. Let’s look at some images of women wearing low-rise jeans. If we look at these images below, you can see that one of the characteristics of these jeans is that the waistband rests on the hips; it sits perfectly across the hip bone. They don’t conform to the natural waist; in fact, they’re made to sit well below the waist
The low waist jeans do not cover the stomach; what they do is highlight the widest portion of the hips by making them look wider.

Low Rise Jeans

This is a good choice if you want to elongate your upper body because it sits right on the hip bone.
So, what I would suggest is that if you have a short torso and longer legs a low waisted jean will help elongate your torso. Also, someone taller may prefer a low-rise in order to prevent the legs from appearing ‘too long’.

So, who should avoid wearing low-rise jeans?

If your weight is around the midsection, and you’re so concerned about your midriff, a low-rise jean is a big no. Not only will they make your muffin top very noticeable, but you will also feel quite uncomfortable in them.

Also, if you are shorter than average in height, avoid wearing low-rise jeans because your body proportions will be off and you will be uncomfortable.
In addition to that, if you have short legs and a long torso, stay away from low-rise jeans, unless your legs are much longer than your torso.

Next is the mid-rise, when brands describe jeans as mid-rise, it means that the rise of the jean rests between the belly button and hip. Let’s look at some images of mid-rise jeans.

The images on the screen are a good example of mid-rise, or mid-waist, jeans. These jeans feature a waistband that sits between the hips and the navel, just below the natural waist, and it covers more of the lower stomach than low-rise jeans. I think they measure between eight and 12 inches and fall right around the belly button. So, if you want to cover the lower stomach, mid-rise jeans are a perfect choice.

Mid Rise Jeans

When it comes to jeans, these are the most popular, and they are popular because they fit every body shape, and they help hide the belly. You can wear any length of top with these jeans which makes them a great choice when shopping around. However, these jeans can also make the waistline look plain. So, if you want to minimise your tummy area, opt for a mid-rise fit.

One of the advantages of this fit is that, when you go shopping and you don’t know what rise to go for, just grab a mid-rise jean. this pair of jeans is designed in a way that it wants everyone to think that they’re the go-to option for a normal jean trouser because low rise is extreme, and high rise is thought to be dated and too stylized.

So how your jeans fit, is determined by body proportion. A mid-rise jean, for example, will fit like a pair of high-rise waisted jeans on someone with a short waist. So, it’s about body shape and proportion.

Next is the high-rise jean, also known as a high-waisted jean. The waistband of these jeans cinches the smallest part of your natural waist, just above your belly button. Any pair of jeans with a waistband that sits at or above the navel is considered high waist. Let’s take a look at some images of women wearing these jeans.

High Rise Jeans

The high-waisted jean is great if you want to cover everything up. In my opinion, they look cute if you’re curvy, cute if you’re not, and cute for everyone in between. If you don’t like sitting down and feeling your jeans across your stomach, this is a good option.

I love these jeans because they elongate the legs, narrow the waistline, and hide the belly fold. So, if you are uncomfortable around the mid-section, that is, around your tummy area, the high-waisted jean is the best choice for you because it helps to conceal the tummy.

Also, for those with a long torso and short legs, a high-rise jean will elongate your legs and make your torso appear more proportional.
It’s a good option for ladies with tummy, it helps to conceal tummy bubbles and every other thing going on around the area and you can wear it with a crop top, which is a perfect combination. Ladies, you can absolutely slay in this outfit!
And mind you, you can pair your high-rise jeans with pointy shoes or heels and have the hem skim the floor for extra elongation.

So, who should wear high waisted jean?
Generally, it suits someone with a smaller waist who wants to elongate their body. So, if you have a small waist and you want to appear taller, go for high waist jeans.
Ladies there’s nothing to be afraid of when worn correctly, they can help you look slimmer immediately because it helps to lengthen the lower body giving the illusion of a slimmer figure.
Also, one of the best things about high waisted jeans is that no panties will show no matter how much you bend, this is because the jeans are high waisted, much above the panties. Which makes it a confidence wardrobe choice because you can walk, sit, and bend as you like without worrying about the panties showing.
Also, another point is that high waist jeans are good at defining your curves and give your waist a high rise. And, it’s a classic fashion option that will never go out of style.

So, when buying clothes, the most important aspect is how they make you feel. And remember, it’s not so much about the name of the jean as it is about where it hits on your body.
And please bear in mind that this is only a guide. This blog post is not a rule book, but rather a guide with tips to help you find that elusive perfect pair of jeans.
So, my gorgeous ladies. If you buy jeans after reading this post, tag me on my Instagram I would love to see your new jeans.

Thank you for reading my blog post, and if you found this useful, please let me know in the comment section and keep styling.

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