Knowing your body type

Happy New Year Lovelies!

Let’s start the new year by knowing your body type and dressing accordingly, getting one thing straight is very important. We’ve been conditioned to believe and think that a fashionable body is tall and skinny. However, the focus should be universal, as well as knowing your body type and loving it. Learning how to put outfits together will transform you into your own fashion billboard.

Conditioned to believe and think that a fashion body is tall and skinny

Lots of fashion trends will be out this year, but the truth is that not every single new trend is going to be flattering on you. If you have short waist / long legs; flat-front styles with slightly lower waist trouser will flatter your figure; If you have large bottom a well-tailored, flat front or single pleats trousers with wider legs that allow enough movement through the hips and thigh to help balance your silhouette; if you’re curvy pencil skirts that don’t hug the body too tightly and A-line skirts that fit gently over the hips, tuck in your shirt or use a belt to highlight your waist and don’t forget that if you have tummy choose drop waist styles and if you have broad shoulders, you’d be best advised to stay well clear of a wide collar, wrap styles and any kind of shoulder detail, such as padding, cuffed sleeves, and pleats. Rather choose deep V – neck tops, keep lapels and collars narrow.

The point is that you can still look stylish even if a trend doesn’t work for you. In every season there is always more than one trend so find the one that works for you but if you can’t find any don’t be bother trends go out of fashion so quickly. It’s much important to wear things that flatter your body shape than things that are only going to be trending just for few months, looking good is way more important than merely being trendy.

Trend should be done in moderation, take elements of each trend and integrate them to create your own unique personal style. That way you are able to have clothes for more than one season and not get trapped in only one season. Bring out your fashionable ego, exaggerate who you are and convey a good image that speaks for you, once you are able to figure this out, then you cultivate a look that will remain timeless and enable you to dress it up and ready for any occasion.

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