How to style the rectangle body shape

So today am just going to start with a rectangle body shape, how to dress this body shape, this is part of my body shape series, Episode 3.

Rectangle body shape

So, if you are reading this and you don’t understand what am talking about or you don’t know what your body shape is. Please watch the video below on how to determine your body shape first, before watching the rectangle body shape.

How to determine your body shape

We’re going to talk about styling goals for the rectangle body type, what to wear and what to avoid, best fabrics for this beautiful shape and examples of celebrities with this body shape.

So how do you know you’re a rectangle body shape?

If your shoulders, bust and hips measurement are nearly the same, waist is not very small or well-defined but rather straight up and down, your body is not very curvy, no crazy, crazy curves. When you have a rectangular body shape all you have to do is create curve, if you choose to create curve.

One good thing about the rectangle body shape is that the upper part of your body and the lower part the body are well proportioned and balanced. So, your goal is to proportionally dress the top half and bottom half of your body while defining the waist by breaking up the rectangle.

Let’s look at 2 important styling goals for the rectangle. When styling this body shape you have two options to choose from

The first option is to dress the way your body shape is, you don’t need to create curves when you dress and you’re not bothered about curves, you only want to accentuate your slender look.

And the second option is, maybe I should add some curves, so if that is what you want then you will have to concentrate on nip in your waist, by proportionally creating more volume on the upper and the lower part as well.

So, when you go shopping, you need to make sure you are buying the right clothes. Am going to give you couple of examples of the right clothes that will flatter your shape, So, let’s start with the neckline.


Choosing a neckline depends on which of the two options you are going for, like I said early, that you have two styling options.

So, If you’re going for the first option, that is you don’t want to create a curve, you only want to accentuate your slender look, then you have to go for a narrow neckline like crew necks, halter necks, turtle necks, funnel necks and mandarin necks.

And if you decide to go for the second option, which is to create some curves, then you have to go for round necklines like jewel necklines and scoop neck. Other necklines that flatter the rectangle body shape are Bateau necks, sweetheart necks, off-shoulder necks, and V necks.

You want to keep away from straight and square necklines like Sabrina.


When it come to tops, shirt or blouse

Your tops should be creating shape by adding volume to the shoulder, bust and hip line while at the same pulling in the waist.  Your tops should be shaped to create the illusion of a waist, like the crossover top.  And look for tops that have detailing on the bodice, like embossed fabrics. And make sure your tops stop at the hip level.

Some options for flattering tops are, wrap tops, ruffle tops, belted tops, button-down tops, and pussy bow tops, I know that sounds wired, but believe me, they are so cute. Another thing am going to suggest is buying a top with print, girl take advantage of this and go buy yourself a print top. You want to avoid boxy or unstructured shirt styles that will make you shapeless and tops that end at the waistline should be a no for you.


Let’s talk about trouser and jeans for the rectangle body shape

Choose trousers with pockets or pleats around the hip or thigh area, or leg details like turn-up trouser to create even further interest on your lower body. your trousers should be low to mid rise with wide waistband. And your right pair of trousers are harem trousers, bootcut, wide legs or flare trouser, Cargo trouser and turn-up.

You want to avoid straight-fitted trousers that emphasise your straight body shape unless you want to highlight this aspect. Your jeans should have embellishments around the hip and bottom area, you want to go for jeans with a back pocket to add some fullness to your bottom, and to create the illusion of curvier hips opt for jeans that have whiskering at the hips. And make sure your jeans are tight around your hips to help create curves.

Jeans that will flatter your body shape are straight jeans, wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans, slim and boot cut jeans. Avoid jeans that flare too wide as they can unbalance your rectangle body.


Some options for flattering skirts are asymmetrical, ruffled, ruching, and pleats like bubble skirt, full circle skirt, Voluminous A-line skirt, layered skirt, box pleats skirt, trumpet skirt, and paneled skirts, this is all detailed skirts and will flatter the rectangle body shape. Also, straight styles skirt in any length are perfect for this shape, however, don’t forget to define the waist. Avoid angular A-line skirts that will make you look more shapeless.

And steer clear of skirts that’re too full as they can make your bottom heavy and create an imbalance. if you choose to go for a skirt that is too full, that is fine, but make sure you add the same volume at the top to balance it out.


So, which dresses are going to make your body look amazing. Your powerful dress is the one that is balanced on top and bottom while pulling in the waist.  you want to go for a high waist definition dress like the wrap dress, an empire line dress, princess seam dress, Shift dress, and X-line dress. A belt is a must-have for the rectangle body shape. And if you are going for a dress that flares quite a bit at the hem, make sure you balance out your top with big sleeves or details like ruffles.

Another beautiful way you can create the illusion of a curve is with color-blocking around the waist. You will have to break up that straight line by wearing colour blocking dress, what happens is that the viewer’s eyes, naturally narrow towards that area without adding more to it.

You want to avoid baggy or boxy style dresses and dresses that flare out too wide at the bottom, these will make you look bottom-heavy.

Jacket and Coat

Your jacket should be belted or nip in at the waist to create shape, you want to look for a jacket with embellishments on the bust area to broaden the shoulder line, like a Double-breasted jacket, a peplum jacket, belted jacket, structure, and straight jacket. And your jackets should end below the waist.

Avoid jackets that end above the waist and boxy jackets. Also, steer clear of embellishments around the waist that add bulk to that area.

Your coat should either be slightly fitted or follow the natural shape of the rectangle body. Opt for a wrap coat, duster coat, straight cut coat, peacoat, and a trench coat.


With all these styling tips that have been talking about, you can only achieve it by using the right fabrics for this body shape. In other to create some curves, and accentuate your slim and straight frame, fabrics like Cotton, Satin, Jersey fabric, and Silk are the ones that are going to help you do justice to all the styling tips we’ve been talking about.

Avoid heavy fabrics like Leather and Cotton because they will not flatter your figure. So, don’t go for tight fabrics as they won’t do justice to you and your shape.

Also, chunky necklace is perfect for this body type.

Celebrities with Rectangle body shape

So, if we are to look at celebrities that we can compare this body shape to, we are looking at Kate Middleton, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda, and Kim Cattrall, google these celebrities, see how they dress and create a mood board of their looks, you can always get inspiration from their looks. And, always know that what matters most is what looks good on you, what makes you comfortable, and what flatter your own body. 

If you’re a rectangle and you have different tips, or you dress differently, please you can write it down in the comment below.

Also, I have a look book on each of the five body types, images of what to wear and what not to wear, you can easily download it on your mobile phone, that will make your shopping so easy.

Ladies, I hope you find this helpful, and if you do, please do me a favor let me know in the comment.

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