How to style long torso short legs

Do you have a long torso? Do you wear tops untucked because it makes you feel like your torso is covered? This strategy doesn’t work, because it makes your legs look shorter and your torso look even longer. In this blog, I will be sharing with you steps to make your torso and waist look shorter and your legs look longer. Also, I will be sharing with you what to avoid if you have long waist. It’s not all about how to style long torso, you need to know what to avoid as well, this will help you when shopping for clothes and that is the only way you can look more stylish.

So, STEP 1: MINIMISE YOUR TORSO and how do you achieve that? always tuck your tops into your trousers and skirts. That is the key and its very important. When you tuck in your tops it will make your upper body look shorter and your lower body a little bit longer. Secondly, choose super high-waist trousers, skirts, and dresses. These styles will help to shorten your torso by raising the waistline and will make the torso look like it stops at the bottom of your ribcage instead of extending all the way to your navel. 

Also, you want to De-emphasize the location of the natural waistline by choosing tops in a colour, tone or print that are similar to the bottoms. Like going for monochromatic look

Another way to shorten your torso is to choose tops that emphasize horizontal lines and blur the distinction between the neckline, bustline, waistline and hips.

In addition to that, you can wear Tops with an empire waist, this works very well because they visually lift the waistline.

Let’s go to STEP 2 – ADJUSTING THE PROPORTION and how do you adjust your body proportion?

If you have a long torso, there’re chances you going to have a short leg and your goal is to adjust your body proportion by Lengthen the appearance of your legs to balance the proportions of your torso. If you want to adjust your proportion wear trousers, socks or panty hose and shoes in the same colour as your trousers.

The next tip to help you style your long torso is to wear flare or wide leg trousers, what this do is to make your legs look longer and your upper body shorter.

Also, when wearing skirts or shorts with tights, wear tights and shoes in the same colour or tone as the skirt/shorts. Or maybe you choose to wear skirts or shorts with sheer hosiery, make sure the hosiery and shoes is in the same colour as your skin. And if you’re that type of person that prefers wearing skirts or shorts with bare legs, wear shoes in the same colour tone as your skin.  And make sure you choose a shoe colour that matches your trouser without a break in the scene, this will automatically elongate your legs. And never untuck your shirt.

STEP 3 on how to style long torso is to –DRAW ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE WAIST and to your face, shoulders, cleavage or feet.  Shop for clothes with details around the necklines, sleeves or hems of pants and skirts, this will distract attention away from the waistline. 

Also, you want to choose high necklines, big stud or hoop earrings, necklaces without pendants, short scarves tied at the neck, bracelets, rings, embellished shoes, clutch bags and handbags. Always think about drawing attention away from the waist by using embellishment in other areas. Another style that flatters long torso is to wear a wide belt and corset belt, this can be worn above the natural waist. The wider the belt the better because you have the space for wide belt. You have a long torso, so thick belts fit better

What are the things you should avoid if you have a long torso:

Avoid low-rise skirts or trousers, anything low waist is a No for you, drop-waisted dresses and skirts, cropped trousers, tunics and long jackets.  Because these styles will make your legs look shorter and make your torso look even longer. 

Also, avoid creating any vertical lines above the waist because it will make your torso longer. You already have a long torso, and you don’t want to elongate it any further, so try as much as possible not to wear tops with vertical line around the waist area. Skip pin striped tops, dangling earrings, pendant and lariat style necklaces, long scarves, and shoulder bags.  

So, ladies, in summary, these are my 3 steps on how to style long torso, Step 1 Minimize the Torso, step 2 Adjust the Proportions and step 3 Draw Attention away from the Waist.

If you have any question on long waisted let me know in the comment section below.

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