How to make your legs look longer

Tips and tricks on how to make your legs look longer, how you can use fashion to create the illusion of longer legs, now regardless of whether you are actually blessed with a long leg or not, most of us still want to create the illusion of long legs, and this is something every short or petite girl at some point in their mind wished for. But one thing is that sometimes when we get dressed we kind of wish we have a longer leg. Right? You can be 5.2 or 5. 3 foot and you want to create the illusion of being 5. 5, or 5.6 inches, this is possible, you can fake it, it’s all about the angle, the kind of trousers you choose and also how you dress.

Tip No 1: Wear a Low Vamp Shoe

How to make your legs look longer and thinner with nude pumps | YAEL STEREN

So, what is that?

The vamp of the shoe is where it cuts across your foot at the front.  There’s a low vamp shoe and a high vamp shoe. The low vamp shoes cut across the front of the foot near the toes and is the most slimming if cut low towards the toe in a V or U shape. The lower the cut, the more your skin is exposed, the more you’re visually lengthening your legs. The higher the vamp the shorter your legs will look.  So, to create the illusion of a longer leg, go for a low vamp shoe.

Tip No 2: Wear trousers or pants with VERTICAL LINES

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Any trouser or skirts with vertical lines will instantly give the illusion of a long leg and as well make you taller, anything that goes up and down will make the viewers eyes go up and down, if that makes sense, vertical stripes are so legit for making you look so much taller than you are, so if you want to cheat with vertical stripes go for high waisted trousers, with a wide leg, and is long enough to cover the heels, you need to try it works like magic.


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Colour matching is another good way to make your legs appear longer,

Make sure you match the colour of your shoe with your trouser or tight. The reason is that it creates vertical unbroken line

Like, wearing a pair of black shoes and a black tight, this will visually draw the eyes from your waist all the way down to the end of your shoe because they both blend and flow together and it also hides where your legs end.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be trouser or tight you can use skirt or dress as well, just make sure you match the colour of your shoes with your tight or hose  

underneath to make your legs appear longer.

Like, wearing a white shoe or any other colored shoe will kind of break the legs into two and making you appear shorter. But if you wear red shoes and red trousers this will visually elongate your legs. So, try as much as possible not to create break lines because this will show where your legs end


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The first thing you have to think it’s the colour of the shoe, you want to go with a nude colour that matches your skin tone to create a cohesive look, and if you have a darker skin tone, go for a darker nude shoe that blends superbly to your skin tone

But, if you don’t like wearing tight, hose or trouser, and you still want your legs to appear longer, this tip is for you, try to buy nude color of shoes that is so close to your skin tone, it just an extension of our leg and this will visually make your legs appear longer. It doesn’t necessarily have to be high heel it could be a flat nude shoe as well.

And if you have those shoes that kind of have lots of bunches of straps over it or the ankle strap shoes, you really want to make sure you avoid that because that horizontal ankle strap will cut off your leg.  

So, let say for instant, a black shoe on a bare skin which shows were your legs end. So, try as much as possible to avoid any horizontal ash lines.

Tip No 5: Wear a Crop Jacket

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Another way you can visually make your legs longer is wearing a crop jacket, the reason is that crop jacket makes your upper half look shorter, it creates the illusion of you having a short torso and also, it makes your waist line to appear higher than what it actually is.  And automatically if you have a short torso you’re going to have longer leg

So, the best way to wear a crop jacket is to wear it with high waisted jean and a heel shoe, but, if you don’t fancy wearing heels wear it with any shoe of your choice. Or wear it with a maxi dress to create the illusion of a long leg.

Tip No 6: choose Pointy toe Shoes

A Work-Perfect Way to Wear Your Pointed-Toe Loafers | Pointed toe loafers,  Fashion, Minimalist fashion

Any pointy toe shoes will visually make your legs appear longer, but if you find pointy toes too uncomfortable, opt for oval shapes.

Tip No 7: Choose High waisted Clothes

18 Flattering High-Waisted Trousers That Aren't Paper Bag Waist Pants |  HuffPost Life

Any garment that is high-waisted will bring your waist line up which gives the illusion of your legs starting at that waistline, the reason is that high-waisted clothes sit above your own natural waist, it’s higher than your natural waist. And this will make your torso look shorter and your legs longer. So, you want to go for high-waisted trousers, high waisted skirt. Anything high-waisted will create the illusion of a longer leg.  So, go buy yourself anything high waisted

Tip No 8: Hemlines

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Make sure the hemline of your dress or skirts does not fall below your knee, so the best place for your hemline is the bend of your knee. Your hemline could be above your knee or at the bend of your knee but not below your knee.

Like wearing a mini skirt will make your legs appear longer

And also, make sure the hemline of your dress or skirts are long enough to graze the floor these automatically will visually lengthen your legs. So, opt for a very long skirt that will literally graze the floor

Tip No 9: Wear Floor Grazing Trousers

Light gray wide-leg pants | HOWTOWEAR Fashion

Any floor-grazing trouser that hides where your legs break will visually elongate your legs especially if it’s high waisted like I said before it’s all about you bringing your waistline up and hiding your legs.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be trouser you can use high waist maxi dresses to create the illusion of a long leg.

Tip No 10: Wearing a Monochromatic Colour

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This is when you dress from top to toe in one colour, and what this does is that it creates a smooth vertical line that is uninterrupted and that gives the illusion of longer legs.

So, these are the styling tips that I use to create the illusion of longer legs, if you have any tricks on how you create your own illusion of longer legs I would love to read them in the comment below.

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