How to Flatter Your Figure: Accentuating Your Waist for Apple Body Shapes

If you have an apple-shaped figure, it can be challenging to accentuate your waist. But don’t worry, in this video, I’ll show you some tips and tricks on how you can create the illusion of a smaller waist. From clothing choices to styling technics, don’t let your figure hold you back from feeling confident and stylish.

When it comes to body types, most women will fit into the round body type also known as the apple body shape. As we age, our midsections tend to expand and bulge outward, giving us the appearance of an apple. This is perfectly normal!

Now, how do you know your apple shaped? I made a video on how to determine your body shape, I will put the link to the video below, go and watch the video.

If you’re uncertain or want to check in with yourself again, here’s the easiest way to identify your primary body shape.  You’re going to need a full-length mirror. Stand in front of your mirror wearing form fitting clothing. Now can you define your waist clearly? Try raising your arms and taking a deep breath in, is there a point where you can see your waist? Now stand straight and try to compare the width of your hips with the width of your shoulders. Are your hips and shoulders similar in width or is one part of your body clearly wider than the other? There are no wrong answers. If you don’t have a clearly definable waist, but your shoulders and hips are about the same, you have an apple shaped body. Women with this body type have a large belly and no visible waistline, making them the most common body type.

So, let’s delve into the main characteristics that define the apple body type. one of the characteristics is that an apple shape lady carries weight around the midsection or tummy area, if your stomach is round that is one of the features of an apple shaped,

Number two, you don’t have a well-defined waistline. If this is how your waistline looks like you’re probably an apple shaped lady.

Number three, you have a slim limbs and attractive legs, this is the area that needs to be highlighted as these are your asset.

Number four, if you’ve got broad shoulders or rounded shoulders, that’s also one of the characteristics of apple shaped. And mind you, apple shapes can have either small or large busts, but nearly always have slim legs and arms.  Weight gains are first visible in the central tummy area. Meaning whenever you gain weight it starts from the tummy area. So, typically, individuals with an apple body shape exhibit fullness around their midsection while having slender arms and legs.

One of the best ways to dress an apple shape is to create a waist and show off your legs. And this is what today’s video is about, it is about how to accentuate your waist if you are round shape.

The first step is to invest in a good bra that fits, Wearing the right bra can have immediate effects, so, get yourself measured properly.  Buy high quality, bust-lifting bras. If you can lift the bust line, you can accentuate the waist.

The next step is to introduce structure, and depending on your frame, you may still be using a belt to do just that. I know lot of women with this body type do not like to use belt. Ladies, you can define your waist by adding a wide elasticated belt to your outfit. This will help to breaks up the line of the dress or top and gives the illusion of a waist. And always go for a wide belt as this will make your waist look more noticeable. For example, lets look at the images on the screen these are images of beautiful women with a belt, and they are apple shaped, if you are using a belt, it has to be done just right. Go for a nice, thick belt that sits higher than your waist, at the very smallest part of your upper torso.

Another way to create waist is to choose tailored jackets that have a nice v shape at the top. Tailored jackets are your friends. Whether you are busty or not, V-shaped lapels are ideal for an apple shaped body. Go for open neckline, with a wider opening at the top, this will help to create an hourglass shape, especially if the buttons are right below the bust. Also shop for jackets that flare at the waist, this will give you a nice open look that does not hug the curves but accentuates your waist.

In addition to that, your waist needs defining so do not be afraid of tucking your top into a high waisted pencil skirt, opt for high waisted pencil skirts and only do this on tops that are floaty or shirt like and not stretchy, as stretchy tops on a stretchy skirt equals not a good look. The aim of this look is for the pencil skirt to provide support to your tummy and the top with blouse over thus creating a waistline. Ladies, if you’re apple shaped, don’t be afraid to wear a pencil skirt, just make sure you’re wearing the right top with it, tuck it in, which can be an adorable look for the right woman.

Another way to accentuate your waist is to look for tops and dresses in patterns and with texture as they are better at disguising tummies than plain colours especially if the material is stretchy. Fabrics to look out for are lace, ribs or tweeds. The texture of the fabrics matters, woven tops will hang better and stay more rigid than jersey knits. Rather than clinging fabrics, look for merino wool, cotton, viscose woven and fine gauge knitwear. Any clingy materials will not flatter.

So, what type of neckline should you go for. Opt for V-necks, scoop necked shirts, boat necks, and open collars these necklines work best for the round body shape your goal is to draw attention to your neck and the top of your torso.

Also, there are some certain style tops that will help you achieve a waist. Such as wrap over tops, tops with side ruching and knot front tops are all flattering for the apple body shape and will help in slimming down tummies and adding a waist as well. Another top that is good for the round body shape is the mock wrap tops this also work beautifully well.

Your tops should fall below the top of jeans or pants, or down to the hip bone. The last thing you want to do is wear a top that is too short. And always remember to look for tops in patterns and with textures, this will help to disguise the tummy than plain stretchy fabrics.

We can’t talk about tops without talking about the arms, especially since most apples have nice slim arms. your goal is to draw attention to your arms, So, go for tops with gathers, slits, flares, and cuffs, all are highly recommended for this body type.

Another beautiful thing about an apple shaped body is that this body shape can be great for dresses, they always look good on dresses, the trick is to find shapes that either add a lot of structure or provide attention grabbing features. For example, an A-line dress with high waists can be flattering, as well as front details, such as low necklines and ruffle-fronts.  And remember to always go for dresses in patterns and with textures.

Now let’s talk about length of your jacket, which is very important when we’re talking about how to dress this body shapes, none of your jackets should be longer than your hipbone, unless you’re wearing a long trench coat with a nice wide belt. Your jackets should fall below the top of jeans or pants, or down to the hip bone. The last thing you want to do is wear a jacket that is too short.

Remember, not every piece of advice for apple shaped bodies will work perfectly for you. If you are big busted, you may find that it is easy to pick up on the lifted bust and high waist-line look. If you are mostly slim and small chested, you may find it is easier to go with strong shapes like A-lines made of stiffer fabrics and nicely tailored jackets.

Also, not every apple shaped woman will be comfortable with a gigantic belt on her tummy. So, if you find that some of these ideas don’t work for you, don’t worry. Something on these tips will help you to define a waistline or perhaps what you need is a different sort of style that doesn’t focus on forcing a waistline, but still accentuates your arms, legs, and chest.

If you’re are reading this blog post and you’re not interested to draw attention to your waist or you don’t want to create the illusion of an hourglass body shape, rather you would prefer to hide your tummy, I will be making a post on how to conceal the tummy area for the round body shaped.

So, to summarize it up, an apple shape should show off their best assets – which is your slender limbs, arms, and legs which in turn will draw attention away from your tummy. At the same time add some small touches mentioned in this video to your outfit and a waist will appear and balance out your shape perfectly. Ladies, there’s no magic outfit that will change the way your body is shaped, but there’s plenty of clothing out there that will make you feel better about the way your body looks.

If you are an apple shape, and you have other ways of creating the illusion of an hourglass, let me know in the comment section.

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