How to find the perfect skirt for your body type

Are you still trying to find the perfect skirt for your body shape?  Or we’ve spent years trying to work out which styles suit you, but still find it hard to buy a flattering skirt. I love skirts and I feel so much ladylike in a skirt and I think women look so beautiful and so feminine in a skirt. With so many skirts out there, different cut, different shape and different design, the question is how do you get to know which style look best on your shape? That’s what this blog is about it’s about how to find the perfect skirt for your body shape.

First, let’s talk about some general guideline you need to follow when buying skirts:

The first guideline is to ensure that the hemline falls in a place which is flattering to your body; in fact, this is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a skirt -getting the hemline right. Too short, too long, and too tight – these adjectives should be treated with caution, especially women above 40, when buying skirts take all these into consideration. 

The second guideline is for women with a bottom-heavy body, you want to avoid all skirts with ruffles, too many pockets, exposed zippers, too many pleats, and skirts made of shiny or over embellished fabric, and also tight stretchy fabric should be avoided except you want to accentuate this part of the body. 

The third guideline is for women with heavy legs, if you have heavy legs, or you are very short stay away from three-quarter-length skirts, the ones which end at the middle of the calf. What this does is that, it cuts across the heavy legs and highlight the heaviness more 

The fourth guideline it’s about buying skirt in prints, if you’re tall and big, small and petite or tall and lean or whatever your body shape is, always take the size of the prints into consideration. 

Have seen a lot of blog post saying petite women should wear smaller prints, that’s ok, but what matters most is the proportion, when buying skirts with prints make sure the print you choose to wear is in proportion to your height and weight, one thing you need to understand is that proportion in prints is very important. What do I mean by proportion in print, say for example, if you do go for a bolder print, you can tone down the impact by putting something plain with it, like wearing a blazer over a printed dress, or wearing a printed skirt with a neutral top or balance your outfit the other way round.  

Let me give another good example of proportion in prints, say for example you want to wear a dress with an all-over print then find one with a continuous print to help give the illusion of height 

That being said, now let’s talk about the perfect skirts for your body type. 


The first body shape that I want to talk about is the inverted triangle body shape. Am going to insert an image right now of some women with the inverted triangle body shape just to give you an idea of what this body shape looks like. 

Women with inverted triangle body shape are those whose shoulders are the broadest part of their bodies. Shoulders might be straight, squared or strong looking.  If the top part of your body is larger than the bottom and you usually wear a bigger size on top, you can safely assume that yours is an inverted triangle figure. 

And your goal with this body type is to create more balance between your upper and lower half, you do this by adding volume to your lower half, to balance out your strong shoulders and making sure your bust and waist are defined.  

In other to achieve these, look for fuller skirt styles that flares from the hips or any skirt that adds visual width on the hips is best for the inverted triangle body shape. 

Also, you have a lot of options to choose from, from A-Line skirts to asymmetrical skirts, box pleated and ruffle skirts.  You can also go for Knife pleated skirts, Tulip skirts, layered and gypsy skirts. 

All these skirts will help to remove the focus from the shoulders and flatter the lower half, and as well making your hips look fuller, so always go for flare out skirts. 

Also, if you want to draw attention to your lower body, choose skirts in bright colours, horizontal stripes and the length of your skirt can be from very short, flare to long and flowing 


The next body type is the triangle body shape, some people call it pear shape. Am going to insert an image right now of some women with the triangle body shape just to give you an idea of what this body shape looks like. 

So, if you’re triangle-shaped, your hips will be wider than your shoulders and bust; in fact, your hips are the widest part of your body. When shopping for skirts, look for lightly gathered skirts that skim the body without adding volume to your hips. Any skirt with a wider shape at the bottom is effective in balancing out the hips.  

One of the skirts that flatters this shape is the A-Line skirt, this skirt will showcase your slim waistline and skim over your hips, which balances out your top and bottom halves and also minimising the width of your bottom half. 

In addition to that the triangle shaped figure might also do well with a high-waisted skirt because it will draw attention back to the waist which is the thinnest part of your frame. 

If you’re tall, and you want to create a more balance look with your upper body you can dress up in a slightly flowy skirts like Draped skirts, accordian skirts and mermaid skirts.  But if you have a well-defined waist and you want to highlight it, go for yoke waist skirt or pencil skirt, this will help to create a more balance look to your body. 

And how about those ladies with wide hips? if you have a wide hips, you can try a trumpet skirt. These skirts wrap around the hips and flares outward at the ends, and the tight fit on top shows off your hips while the flare at the bottom balances your hips and lower body, this is particularly flattering. 

For those looking for a shorter skirt option, try a tulip skirt. They’ll have the traditional length of a pencil skirt with the emphasis on the waist and legs, but the full skirt will curve around your hips a little more comfortably.  

So, what length of skirt should you look for if you’re pear shaped, the right skirt length for the pear shape is knee length or between the knee and mid-calf, this helps to stretch the body visually. 

Let’s move on to the next body shape and this is the round body type also known as the apple body shape. Am going to insert an image of women with the apple shaped body just to give you an idea of what this body shape looks like. 


First let’s establish what an apple body shape looks like. Women with an apple body shape have a broad torso, broad shoulders and a huge bust. However, they also have narrow hips and a full midsection. And the beautiful thing about this body shape is that you have a slim beautiful leg. When dressing this body shape your goal is to divert attention away from your midsection.   You’ll want to emphasize your strongest points which is your bust and legs, while at the same time keeping your overall figure well balanced 

So, what skirt suits this body type? The best skirt for an apple shaped is high waisted flare skirts, the reason is that the high waistband will hit the smallest part of your torso and flare out over the stomach, masking the mid-section.  

Also pick a length that settles just above your knee, as this will draw attention to your legs. The idea is to choose a piece that will create the illusion of a smaller waist but will flow out instead of hugging your hips and butt.  

Another, skirt that flatters the apple body shape is Tulip skirts these skirts is normally made with two pieces of fabrics overlapping each other, almost like the petals of a tulip, to leave a small part of the leg showing off between the two layers.  

You have a lot of options to choose from, you can also wear miniskirts, circle skirts, Panelled and box pleated skirts.  

And because the apple body shape does not have defined waist, it’s best to go for dark colour skirt. Like navy blue, black, dark brown, and charcoal. 

In addition to that, if you have some evidence of post-baby belly lingering below the bellybutton, high waisted flouncy skirts are the ticket for you! 


The fourth body shape is the hourglass body shape, if you have a larger bust, larger hips and small waist then you are an hourglass body shaped. I’m going to insert an image of some women who have an hourglass body shape. 

If you’re curvy with a well-defined waist show off your tiny waistline in a tailored pencil skirt to accentuate your curves by smoothing out your hips and thighs rather than bulking them up with excess fabric. Your look should be sleek and curvy, and the hemline of the pencil skirts should hit slightly above the knee preferably two inches above knee.  

When it comes to skirts for this body type, you have lots of options available for you as long as the waist is defined in the skirt. You can wear all patterned like, yoke waist skirts, mermaid and gypsy skirt, box pleated skirts, and panelled skirt.  

Also, another skirt that flatters the hourglass shape women are A-Line skirt, wrap skirt, draped and Tulip skirts, preferably a high waist tulip skirt. 

Ladies, if you are blessed with a perfect body frame then go ahead and flaunt those curves, wear bodycon skirts or skirts that are made in stretchable fabrics are perfect for those of you that have a body to flaunt. 


Another body type is the rectangle body shape, Women with rectangular body shape is also known as straight or athletic, if you’ve ever been told that you have a ‘strong frame’ or asked if you play a lot of sports, you’ll most likely have an athletic body type. Let insert an image of some women with the rectangle body. If you have a rectangle shape, your body goes straight up and down, you don’t have a waist definition, your waist, hips, and shoulders are all roughly the same width, your waist is straight instead of curvy. And your goal is to define the waist to balance your body. 

And it’s important for you to use skirt to create the illusion of waist. In other to achieve that you can wear knife pleated skirt, A-Line skirt, wrap skirts, draped and tulip skirt. 

If you’re rectangle shaped, a well-chosen skort skirt is one of the best options when it comes to styling an athletic body shape. Not only will it accentuate your waist superbly, but you can also look forward to showing off your perfectly toned legs. Also, any form-fitting skirt like pencil skirt will accentuate the little curves you have and the short hemline will show off your slim legs.  

To add volume to your lower body, choose detailed skirts such as full circle skirts, box pleats, and panelled skirt. Also, layered skirt, bubble and trumpet skirts. And remember—prints are your best friend. Not only do they add interest to your shape, but they create the illusion of curves!  

This are my tips on how to get a perfect skirt for your body shape, if you have any question kindly drop them in the comment section below. Until next time bye. 

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