How to dress the hourglass body shape

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How do you know You’re an hourglass shaped body?

If your bust and hips are roughly the same widths, this is when you have your shoulders on the same level as your hips, with a well-defined waist. so, think, if your bust measurement is 38”, and your Hips are 38”, your waist measurement is 8 to 10 inches smaller than your bust and hips, then your waist is gonna be nip in like 28”, making your waist clearly and well defined.  

The hourglass body shape can be split into two, we have the full hourglass which is for someone who is curvier, these are the plus size women and we have the neat hourglass which is for someone that has an average body shape, like the slim women.

If you have an hourglass body shape you’re so lucky, it’s the most feminine shape, the shape we all think is sexy, the figure 8 shape, and it’s the shape that all other body types are trying to sought of give the illusion of having. so, when styling this body shape its important you maintain the same proportion on your outfit. 

So, what are the guidelines for dressing the hourglass shape, the guideline is to follow these two keys

  • Define your waist
  • Follow its natural shape by Proportionally dressing the top and bottom

And make sure you don’t unbalance the body frame by making it either top- or bottom-heavy. These, shape is naturally balanced and well proportioned, so when styling this shape your goal is to avoid imbalance, and make sure you showcase your waist and let your natural curves speaks for themselves. And the only way to achieve this is to choose simple and clean outfit

What should hourglass shape body be wearing?

Basically, the hourglass can wear everything, and really, they look so amazing wearing any clothes that emphasizes their waist, or use a belt, all clothes that are fitted (But not too tight)


In terms of necklines, we are looking at off-shoulder necks, sweetheart necks, square necks, scoop necks, and V-necks

If you want to show off your bust go for a lower and wider neckline like Scoop necks or sweetheart necks.

Round necks, oval necks and Boat necks, these are slightly rounded necklines and are perfect to use if you don’t want to draw attention to the bust area.

Avoid necklines that hit high on the neck, like turtlenecks, what this neckline does is to draw attention away from the waist, Also, you want to avoid adding unnecessary volume to your neckline, like embellishment at the neckline, this will unbalance your natural shape.


For your tops or shirt, the first thing that should come to your mind is FIT.

Look for tops that will show off your waist and maintain your natural curves, your tops should be fitted and nipped in at the waist without adding bulk to your chest.

You want look for

Crop tops, wrap tops, Strapless tops, Off-shoulder tops, Short peplum tops, Belted tops and Form fitted tops with darts.

This are all lovely tops that will show off your beautiful curves.

But if you’re that type that does not want to show off your curves choose tops that extend right to your hipbone, this helps to skim over the curves making you to look thinner.

Avoid big ruffles, bows or tops with embellishments that would add a lot of volume to your upper body (unless you add some volume to your hips to balance it out). What am trying to say is that if you choose to wear tops with ruffles, or bows you will have to balance the lower body too.  Also steer clear of extra bulk on the waist which would hide your waist’s natural slimness.


For your dresses, you have to know that Your curves are made for dresses so have some fun! Just stick to styles that highlight your waist and not hide, your waist.

and always consider your mid-section as a focal point, you don’t want your curves to get lost in loose or baggy clothes. So, your dress should basically draw focus to your waist without adding extra volume to the bust.


Wrap dress with a waistline, Belted and nipped dresses, Shift dress with a belt around the waist, Back tie styles, Sheath and Tailor cut dresses, Dresses with vertical lines, Fit and flare dresses and, strapless dresses will suit your shape. Also, your dresses should fall just below the knee or knee-length

If you want to appear curvaceous add a bit of volume to both your bust and hips through ruffles, embellishments, or pockets. And If you don’t want to show off your curves, you want to downplay it, look for a dress in dark colours or vertical stripes

Avoid dresses with straight lines or boxy cuts, what these dresses  do your body shape is that they cover your curves and make you appear heavy. Also steer clear of dresses that has embellishments or pockets around the hip or shoulder area.


You can wear most styles of trousers, but wide legs will emphasise your waist. And your trouser should be mid waisted. loose-fitting and wide leg trousers that go straight down to the floor, like bootcuts, this will balance your hips.

Since the hourglass tend to have a very curvy hips, very wide hips, low rise trouser are a no, no for you, instead go for a mid-rise or high-rise trousers because that will define your waist and also enhance your silhouette

You want to stay away from boyfriend jeans or anything too baggy. Also, you avoid pleats, darts and embellishments or pockets around the hips area like Combat style.


Simple and clean styles such as classic bootcut, wide-legged, flared, loose fitting, and slightly tapered jeans styles also work well for the hourglass.

Your Jeans should be mid- or high rise to elongate the legs. You can definitely go for a nice pair of skinny jeans.

I know most hourglass do have problem finding a perfect pair of jeans, so getting a tailor is something you should consider doing, because there are chances that you’ve experienced some difficulties getting a jean that fit you,

since you do have a small waist and there is a lot of galping going at the back you need a tailor that can help you take in the waist area so that your jeans can fit perfectly.

You can always try this tip, when shopping for jeans or trousers make sure the waist of the jeans or trouser is smaller than the hips, you don’t want to go for a jean that is straight from the waist to the hips.


And for your skirt, go for those that fall from the waist rather than sit on your hips. And your skirt should be high-waisted to highlight your small waist, without adding too much bulk at the bottom.

You want to go for, Pencil skirts, gored skirts, these will cling to the body and comes in at the waist. Also, to make your waist appear smaller opt for voluminous skirts like a full circle and tulip skirts. Other skirts that flatter your body type is bias skirts, A-line skirts, and flip skirts and your best hemline is knee-length or longer. Shorter skirts draw attention away from the waist, while the longer lengths show off legs while still accentuating the waist area.

Avoid straight skirts and boxy skirts, also, keep away from skirts with ruffles, darts, big voluminous pockets, or any skirts with embellishments around the hips, if you want to go for a skirt with embellishment around the hips you’ll have to balance them with details around the chest.


Your Coat or Jacket should follow the natural body line and draw in toward the waist. Opt for jackets that don’t add extra volume to the waist. Like, Single-breasted jackets, Form-fitting Jackets, and belted jackets. cropped jackets will do your curves justices and a fitted button under the bust blazer will look fab. Your Jacket should end at the waist and a short jacket that stop just above your hips will accentuate your curves.

Avoid straight styles, boxy styles, Baggy boyfriend jackets, swing coats, and drop waisted coat.


When it comes to shoes go for curvy shoes to complement your curvy figure, like peep toes high heels will give you instant glamour or rounded toe shoe will suit your shape.


I know you might be asking yourself how do I know the right fabrics even though I follow all this styling guideline

For your fabrics simply flaunt your curves with silk, satin, leather, jersey fabrics, Spandex, cotton, stretchy fabric, soft clingy fabrics, flowing fabrics, and pretty much everything else except any heavy or stiff material that will ruin your look!


I would say celebrities with this hourglass body shape are Christina Hendricks, Beyoncé, Jenifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, Marilyn Monroe, Blake Lively, and Sofia Vergara.

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It’s good if you can google them, see how they dress, and create a mood board of their looks, not every look anyways but the ones you like, you can always get inspiration from their looks.

And, always know that what matters most is what looks good on you, what makes you comfortable, and what flatter your own body.  Every item in your wardrobe should work to clearly define your curvy shape. So, love and embrace your curves and make the most of them.

If you’re hourglass and you have different tips, or you dress differently, please! you can write it down in the comment below, because I would like to learn more.


How to Style the Hourglass Body Shape

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