How to choose the best neckline for your face shape


The oval face shape is the most common face shape and the easiest, if you have this face shape you don’t have to worry much about the right neckline to wear, you can wear about any type of neckline, it also goes with a scoop neckline and a V neckline.  


With this type of face shape all you have to do is to fill out the jaw line down to the corner, creating a frame to the bottom of your face and not the upper part of your face. Go for a neckline with soft lines, this creates frame to the face and neck.


The round face shape should avoid wearing tight neckline and round neckline close to the face, rather a V neckline creates length to the face, also you can try wearing an off shoulder neckline with strong V shape necklace that drops down, this takes the eyes of the individual to the beautiful necklace.


Avoid wearing a tight neckline and horizontal line close to the face, to flatter your jawline wear a heart shape and a soft cowl necklines.


If you have an oblong face shape, wear a neckline with strong horizontal lines, to balance out the length of the face. Scarfs, hairstyles and Jewelries can be used to correct necklines

Yeah, that reminds me of a beautiful friend of mine that said to me, it doesn’t really matter choosing a neckline for my face shape, i just buy what i like and that is it…

I just hmmmm….

Do you agree?

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  1. Nice tips.

    What if you have oblonged face with v-shape body (wide shoulders most weight on upper body)

    Both ask for opposite necklines?

    1. To create a balance, look for yourself. Avoid lengths that fall below the knee, unless you are very tall. Use your waist as the guideline for the drop of skirts. If you enjoy wearing skirts, start with your waist line as the guide. You don’t need to hug your hips to create more balance.

      Also, go for skirts with pockets and detailed that add a bit of volume, go for contoured waistbands. You will also look great in pleats, panels, or tiered skirts which keep your hips looking slim, but widen toward the bottom for a bit more curviness and femininity

      Most women who are inverted triangle shaped want to add a bit of shape to their lower body, so stay away from leggings, skinny jeans, and other skinny styles. However, you can look great in leggings if you use a wide belted, long top or dress that flows and moves below the waist.
      look for wide-banded, belted dresses with shapes that move outward from the waist. Accentuate your bust and break up your wide shoulders with open collared tops, collar-less tops.
      A-line dresses with a slight but firm indent at the waist. You can also get away with a great wrap dress, especially if it doesn’t taper too much toward the bottom.
      Another great look that will work for just about every inverted triangle shaped body is the halter top. No matter what you put on the bottom, if you’ve got a halter top on, you will gain a curviness along with division of your wide.
      Wider collars on shirts and jackets to balance your shoulders and a wide strapped halter necks.
      I hope this help

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