How to choose minimalist jewellery

The key to minimalist jewellery is clean, exquisite lines as well as keeping your complete look simple. Today am going to talk on how to choose minimalist pieces, and I will be using my favourite jewellery brand, called Ana Luisa.

Some while ago, I was approached by this New York based jewellery company called Ana Luisa, which is a sustainable jewellery brand, and they would like to send me three pieces of jewelleries, so I had to look them up online, checked their Instagram page and what I got was beautiful, lots and lots of positive reviews, so I had to email them back and I was like YES PLEASE I would love to partner you with them.

Which is the great time to tell you more about this company, Ana luisa is a company that believes in how they create their pieces matters just as much as why people wear them. Their jewelleries are crafted with the planet in mind, 100% water neutral and 100% carbon neutral, they take sustainability super seriously.

Also, they produce their pieces in smaller batches because they use recycled materials and I think by 2025 their goal is to get the carbon footprint down to zero and also leading the industry towards a more sustainable future. That’s interesting!

Quickly am going to show you three cute pieces of jewelleries that I picked and am here to give you my honest review, this is not a sponsored video or affiliated but I do have a discount code, and I think their pieces start at $39, which is affordable. So, if you go to their website and you see what you like, you can use this discount code NATNOLAN10 to get 10% off, and also, shipping is fast, it took about three days to get to me.

And it came in a small recycled cardboard box with a message “Something good for the earth” I absolutely recommend checking out Ana Luisa website, and I know you will love them!

I am so impressed with these pieces of jewelleries, but does the quality live up to my expectation. Let’s find out.

The first jewellery I want to talk about is the ORA watch strap bracelet.

You get 10% off with my discount NATNOLAN10

This bracelet is Coated with a 14k gold layer for a smooth finish, and will make a statement on its own. You can wear it alone or stacked with chain bracelets. it’s beautiful and the quality is stunning. I picked this piece because the first time I saw it on line I feel in love with it and had the pleasure of falling in love with it again when I received it.

You get 10% off with my discount NATNOLAN10

Like I said before, you can wear it alone or layered for both casual and business looks. It looks professional, if you’re looking for a bracelet that is suitable for business or casual look this is a perfect choice to go for.

The second piece I want to talk about is the called CANCER. It’s a zodiac sign pendent.  I choose this because I want something to always remind me of my true nature. Its classy and super pretty, and the zodiac charm is adorable.

You get 10% off with my discount NATNOLAN10

This necklace is suitable for everyday wear, and can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces for a statement look. Here is the close view of it.  

It’s a beautiful design it’s pleated with 14 karat gold and It has that gorgeous cubic zirconia and is adjustable to three different lengths to fit the neck.

Today I have it on the medium length but it can be shorter like chocker or longer, it depends on how you want it. Since I got this necklace have been wearing it every single day and it’s my favourite piece of them all because of the zodiac sign, and I think it cost £69 but with the 10% discount code you’re going to save 10% off.

The third piece I want to talk about is called LEV, it’s made out of 14K Gold on Brass. The chain is thick and looks very durable and it comes with three hoops that help you decide on the length you want it, if you want it short or long.

The puffed gold heart necklace with its eye-catching pendant is so gorgeous. I remember the first day I had it on I got compliments and I felt so good. This will Look great especially when wearing turtle neck. Also, it’s perfect to dress up any outfit or wear daily. Am so impressed by the quality, and it feels really premium.

Now let’s go over five tips on how to choose a minimalist piece

Tip number one, pick simple, clean pieces: when you talk about minimalist jewellery, you don’t wish to get to frilly or over- elaborate. Though, you don’t want to make it very simple so it doesn’t look too boring. So, the most important thing is to choose pieces which make a statement while still being minimal, for instance the gold heart necklace with its eye catching pendent is a good example of what a minimalist piece should look like.

Its suitable for various occasions, like parties, weddings or valentine’s day. If you dress this gorgeous necklace for any occasion, you will surely get tones of compliments.

And don’t forget to use the discount code NATNOLAN10 to get 10% off from all your purchase and also, click the link to shop for it.

Tip number two: Choose dainty earrings. simple studs with a touch of shine can be the perfect minimalist jewellery. For instance, these millow gold studded fan shaped earrings with a tiny diamond in the middle add shine but keep your jewellery to a minimum. You can also choose something with a little more whimsy, such as tiny flowers or bows.


Tip number three: limit what you wear. If you’re planning to keep it minimalist, it means that you are required to stick to just one or two pieces of jewellery as your statement piece if probably, such as bracelet, necklace or earrings. If you wish to wear earrings with a necklace, keep the earrings very minimal.

Tip number four: Go bold with geometric pieces. If small stones or jewels are not your kind of style, try giving geometric pieces a shot. This style makes clean lines with amazing shapes. They are audacious without being elaborate. For instance, try wearing a geometric bracelet as a statement piece with almost any short-sleeved shirt or dress. Or you can style this Ana Luisa gold pleated geometric shape JANA earrings with a bright coloured chiffon for a chick look.


Tip number five: Try a beaded or balls effect pieces, mostly the minimalist jewellery inclines to stick to only metal and chains with a minor accent. Though, you can still have a beaded effect and pull off a simple, yet elegant look.


The aim when choosing a minimalist jewellery is to make sure the beads or balls are small and slightly subdued in colour. You can style this Ana Luisa Gold filled beautiful balls with a plain white T-shirt, or in the winter, you can add a trench coat in a similar shade for a well-rounded and holistic feel. This would be a great way to polish off an ensemble without exaggerating it.

Ladies, when it comes to jewelleries there are some requirements, I want my everyday jewelleries to tick, first I want it to be minimalist, classy, cool, luxurious and affordable as well which is so important. Ana Luisa checks all the boxes, their designs are unique and will make you feel empowered and elegant.

Also, don’t forget I have a direct link to their website, please be sure to check it out they’ve got a beautiful collection on minimalist pieces and remember to use discount code NATNOLAN10 to get 10% off your entire purchase, that way you’re saving yourself some money.

And while you’re still reading make sure you leave a comment on this blog post, that way I will know you enjoyed it.

Now you can enjoy your Ana luisa shopping.

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