How colours affect human behaviours and mood

Colour is an amazing phenomenon. It is around us all the time and influences everything we do – though we are barely aware that this is happening. In fact, we are only around 20 per cent conscious of the colour decisions that we make, though we are making them all the time: about what we wear, what we eat, what we buy, how we relax, right down to how we take our morning cup of coffee. We have only to imagine doing without colour for a moment to see how much we rely on it to guide us through our everyday lives. 

The language of colours and how they impact on peoples behaviour and mood


The colour orange is about togetherness and sharing, respectful of opinions and choice, attracting a deep feeling of support and loyalty. Orange recognises the importance of both the individual and the group. Is the colour of fun & Sociability, which can stimulate energy. Orange lifts our spirits, freeing our emotions. It encourages us to feel happy and liberated.


Its positive message is femininity, prettiness, babyish, sweetness, youth, charming, tranquility. It encourages unconditional love, helps to resolve anger.

Negative messages are over feminine and when worn by a man it can be seen to be very young and feminine depending on the environment he is in. when worn as an entirely pink outfit it sends a message of vulnerability, it’s not a strong colour so it sends a message of weakness, and its not a power colour and should not be worn when a client needs to represent has a powerful persuade.


Purple is associated with Royalty and dignity, feminine, sweetness, wealth, Luxury, Sophistication, Creativity, Spirituality, Nobility, Compassion, Melancholia, Arrogance, and Power. Also associated with the feeling of mystery and imagination. Because of this, it is regularly used in children’s products.


Grey can portray an air of Authority, Neutral, Impartial, Compromise, Reliability, Conservative, Formal, Boring, loneliness, and lack of energy. It is the easiest colour for the eye to see and can evoke the feeling of intellect and sophistication. As a result of this is associated with loss, depression and sadness.


White has a positive quality of purity, holiness, simplicity, goodness, clarity. It symbolises newness and a fresh start. Some of the negative are idleness, sterile, empty, cold disinterest, detachment, white can be boring the colour white affects the mind and body by promoting feelings of renewal and encourages the purification of thoughts and actions.


Blue is a strong colour, associated with a calm and soothing feeling, the colour of the sky and the sea and it imparts a feeling of serenity and stability, depression, trust, and loyalty. It conveys peace, and order. The colour blue has positive affects on the mind and the body, is cooling in nature and helps with self expression and balancing of mind.


Black gives us space for reflection and inner searching. The message of black is authority, I want to be left alone, I want to hide, I want to wear black because I feel sad or I want to look very powerful or am going into a situation that is either professional or power. The colour black affect the mind by boosting confidence in appearance or producing a feeling of emptiness.


Authentic, Serious, Stability, Structure, Support, Community, Responsibility, Practical /common sense, and Dull. Brown denotes a friendly, down to earth, is boring when worn on its own. Any colour, from fawn to ebony can fall under ‘brown’.Thus we have mud brown, chestnut brown, tan brown, chocolate brown, beige-brown, mousy brown, rich brown, coffee brown, rusty brown, straw brown, burnt brown, and many other descriptions for the colour.


It is associated with the sun, summer, and warmth, and used as a sign of caution. Yellow is a cheerful and bright colour. In its purest form, it has associations with nature, childhood, the sun, and happiness. It promotes the feeling of confidence.


A natural colour, green suggests fields, grass, freshness, trees, and colour of life, and with this, a sense of calm and well–being. And is traditionally associated with greed, money, and jealousy. It’s commonly used on environmentally–friendly products for the same reason. Green is youthful and relaxing it helps to alleviate anxiety, nervousness, and depression.


Is such a dynamic colour, it can symbolise love, sexy, valentine’s day, festival, drive and react to challenges or even power and importance. It also sends a message of I am strong, I am powerful, I am passionate, I am confident. Red is bold and makes an instant impact. Its negative message is Stop, danger, and if red is worn in the wrong environment, can inflame hanger because its strong and forceful colour


Associated with luxury, wealth, value of item, glitz, glamour, power, wellness, extravagance, excess, and sophistication. Gold gemstones are believed to increase power, personal wisdom, create prosperity, and aid in health.


It imbues a feeling of luxury and wealth, coolness, fun, playful, the colour is associated with high tech, Industrial as well as elegant, and glamorous. Silver represents kindness, unconditional love, hope, and gives the body positive energy.

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