What colours look good on you?

Your best colours are those that make you look just great, colours that make your eyes vivid, your smile bright, colours that make your skin appear fresh and rich in tone. In general, you ‘ll want to try and wear colours that match and enhance your skin’s natural undertone.

But the best way to tell is to hold up clothes to your face in colours that you like and see if they flatter you. Sometimes the most flattering colours aren’t the ones you like the best, but don’t take them out, you can always find ways to sneak them into your outfits and still look great.

Complementary shades makes your outfit to pop. This are colours opposite the wheel. Orange and blue is an attention grabber try it in small, solid doses, like a orange dress and a blue bag, and also how about trying yellow and purple, go for softer tints for a sweeter vibes while darker shades create a near regal look.

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