Colour Analysis

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Everyone has a dominant colour in their skin that is either warm or cool. Colours are so important, especially colours that you wear near your face in clothes and accessories. Colours have direct influence on the way you look – when they compliment your natural colouring, you look younger, vibrant and healthier. While wearing unflattering colours can make you look older and tired.

When it comes to making a strong and vibrant impression, it all balls down to the colour you choose to wear. Many people underestimate the power of colour!


We start off with you. We’ll look at your personality, lifestyle and the colours you are naturally drawn to. By looking at your skin tone, eye colour and hair, we then work with you to identify your personal colour palette. You’ll learn why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others – giving you an instant lift and a feeling of vibrancy. You will also find out how to wear colour combinations that work for you and your lifestyle.


As the result of this analysis you’ll receive a detailed personal colour palette of your complimenting colours and examples of how to use and combine them. Your stylist will also present you with interesting ideas on how colours can make your outfits more impressive, fashionable and, of course, stylish.