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Online Colour Analysis (Men)

A colour analysis will identify the colours that make the most of your natural colouring, making you look fit and healthy. In fact, once a man understands his colour direction its very easy for him to always look his best. At the same time, he will save TIME and Money! During your consultation, we will identify your best colours for both casual and business wear and how to combine them to best effect. You’ll discover your most flattering colours for suits, ties, shirts, trousers and more. Also you’ll learn: which palette of colours suits you best and why which neutral colours are your staples – these will often form the bedrock of your wardrobe […]

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Style Update

Styling advice, support and coaching spread over 3 months to get your wardrobe organised, sorted and ready for action! Focussed attention to ensure you have the right clothes in your wardrobe for any eventuality. This bespoke programme would be perfect for you if your wardrobe and style need a complete overhaul, usually due to a change in your life. Spreading your style sessions over 3 months allows you to take your time to implement what you have learnt, with guidance and support from Bernitta. Perhaps you have changed job, been promoted, lost or gained weight, got divorced or about to hit a zero Birthday… But what you do know is that you have moved […]

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Online Colour Analysis

Online Colour Analysis Using Pictures Would you love to experience a colour analysis with me, but live in a different part of the UK, another Country or you are pushed for time? It is now possible for you to join me for an in-depth, virtual colour analysis session from the comfort of your own home. HERE’S WHAT YOU GET:  -Convenient consultation via email -A full, personalised Colour Analysis printable report to help you understand which skin tone type you have and how to choose colours and dress yourself in a way that you will love! – A 15 x 10 cm rigid plasticised cardboard with 60 representative colours – 13 colours for your beauty […]

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VIP Style Concierge

Consultation: Before I begin any service with a client, I sit down with you for a consultation to discuss the look you want. I ask you a series of in depth questions and have you browse through a carefully constructed fashion look book. Product Placement: As you know, many designers would love for you to wear their goods. Depending on the event and garment, I have built strong partnerships with some of London’s top designers, dressmakers and fashion houses. I can pull and borrow from any designer. I work with men and women who have very busy schedules that don’t allow for shopping trips to find outfits for everyday and specific occasions. Shopping: If you don’t want […]

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Online Personal Shopping for Men

Contrary to popular belief, personal shopping is a very affordable service open to real men who want to look stylish whilst saving time and money on wrong purchases. Whether, you would like help with creating a capsule wardrobe or simply want to top up your current wardrobe with some new and trendy items, I am here to help. It is important to be aware that whilst some trendy clothes may look good on models in magazines, some of the colours, styles and cuts may not suit your body shape or colouring. ​ How many times have you gone shopping and come back with nothing or you’ve bought things impulsively that don’t really work? ​ […]

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Online Style Consultation

By learning your best colours, cuts, styles and detailing of clothes that best suit your skin tone and body type, you can learn to be in control of your appearance and Image. You will learn how to cleverly mix and match items in order to achieve a trendy/stylish look, whilst maintaining your personal style for any occassion; be it casual, smart casual or formal wear. You will have fewer clothes, yet always have an outfit for every occasion. No matter what size, shape, age you are,  consulting me as your Personal Stylist will transform your style and the way you feel about yourself.  It will change how you look, how you see yourself and […]

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Global Private Shopper

Been searching for that limited edition handbag with no luck? Do you want a custom-made garment such as a tuxedo, suit, trousers, luxury items, etc? If you keep being told that your wishlist item has been sold out, message me and let me surprise you. I find my clients exactly what they are looking for, tailored to suit their personality and lifestyle. I will personally purchase the required items from the UK and ship them to you directly. All required information about the product will be provided including receipts. Pictures of products being purchased will be provided as well as every detailed information needed. This service is for clients that require me to buy […]

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Special Event Styling For Men

Is your calendar full of events? An amazing occasion starts with an unforgettable outfit.  An effortlessly stylish look will give you a deep sense of confidence and originality ensuring your special style events will be forever remembered. HOW IT WORKS After we receive your booking, your top stylist will give you an introductory call to get to know each other and discuss your styling brief. Your stylist can prepare a selection of clothes and accessories as soon as 48 hours. Your stylist can style you in the comfort of your home, chat with you virtually or in-store. The Event Styling Session lasts 2-hours and includes preparation time. WHAT’S INCLUDED WITH THE STYLE EVENT PERSONAL […]

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Wardrobe Consulting For Men

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and still nothing to wear? Do you find yourself wearing the same set of clothes so often? Wardrobe Cleanse takes place in the comfort of your own home. The session starts with a style consultation, colour, and body shape analysis. Together we review, edit, and organise your clothes, shoes, and accessories to make the most of your wardrobe. Your stylist will identify what needs updating or no longer fits. Your clothes will be organised into three piles – “keep”, “replace” and “sell at the vintage shop”. Throughout the appointment, your style advisor will compile a concise shopping list of missing key items to complete your wardrobe. […]

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In Store Personal Styling Liverpool

Looking good Isn’t easy for men

You have no clue what looks good on you You have a closet full of clothing you don’t enjoy wearing You’ve been lost trying to figure out the right hairstyle for your face shape You hate shopping and waste money because you don’t know what to buy You feel like other well-dressed guys know something you don’t You want to dress the “right” way, but still feel like yourself You want to look the part for your wife, girlfriend, or career, but don’t know-how You want to dress appropriately for your age without looking too old/young You want to appear put-together and attractive, without looking like you’re trying You want to give the gift of […]

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Getting Started With 4 Easy Steps