Personal Shopping

The perfect solution for those that hate shopping, don’t have the time for it or are guilty of one too many impulse buys.

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed when shopping? Do you waste money on items that do not fit? Do you often trudge the street and return empty-handed? Perhaps you would like some help shopping for an outfit for a special occasion?

You can book our personal shopping experience from two hours up to a full day. Personal shopping starts with an initial consultation, where we discuss key factors in your life such as your occupation, lifestyle, body shape, and preferences.

Your Personal Shopping Session Includes

  • Pre-session questionnaire and chat so that I can understand more about who you are in order to prepare for your session.
  • Personal shopping takes place in Liverpool City Centre due to the variety of shops and services available
  • We normally meet at 10 am at Marks and Spencer’s Cafe or Greggs at Bold Street for a coffee and a chat about personal style, colours, and shopping list before heading out to the shops.
  • I will pick out clothing and accessories for you in styles and colours that flatter you to take to the changing rooms.
  • We will explore various options and only buy clothing and accessories that make you look amazing, fit in with your lifestyle preferences, and are within your budget.
  • On-going style advice upon request

My aim is to make the whole experience enjoyable for you so I will ensure you have fun on the day! I will also make sure you invest your money very wisely when you shop.

I also provide online shopping. When shopping online, I will e-mail you direct links of items so you know exactly what to purchase. You can decide what to keep by yourself, or I can come to your home to help decide. If need be, I can purchase the items online for you and bring them to your home. In those cases, I add the costs of items you keep to your invoice and provide you a copy of the receipts.

Note: Before I begin any service with a client, I sit down with you for a consultation to discuss the look you want.

LOCATION: Liverpool City Center, Except by Special Arrangement