Executive Image Consulting For Women

Your Style, Your Brand

Women tend to be judged more critically for their appearance and style. Your leadership qualities can be the best of the best, but you need to have a look that walks your talk. Personal branding highlights your leadership style, helping you develop a more persuasive and impactful appearance that amplifies your ability to be seen, heard, and noticed for all the right reasons.

Get the inside track on your competition and stand out for all the right reasons. Beat your competition by knowing how to

  • Create a stylish, professional wardrobe of outfits you can choose from everyday
  • Know exactly the right look for every corporate meeting or function
  • Think of fresh ideas for dressing for the office in the future
  • Accessorise your office wardrobe so you look professional, stylish and confident
  • You can expect a first-class experience every step of the way

Three Day Makeover

What is included:

Day One & Day two Location: At Your Home or a Private Location of Your Choice

  • Image Consulting Consultation (The Ideal Image solution to implement for your needs)
  • Personality style assessment (comprehend your personality to recognise better how you lead, influence, and collaborate unleashing your authentic Image)
  • Lifestyle Evaluation (identifying your roles and goals and then suggesting levels of dressing in different situations to create a communication necessary in terms of authority, stability, trustworthiness, and approachability)
  • Body-Shape Assessment (identify your body shape and suggest ways and means to counter negative variations and enhance positive ones to create an attractive image)
  • Colour Analysis Assessment(The importance of wearing your best colours that match your own skin tone, hair, and eyes to create an overall effect of harmony)
  • Wardrobe Consulting: (Maximise your current wardrobe, learn how to build a stylish, well-co-ordinated capsule wardrobe. Build a shopping list to complete outfits and determine what needs to be added to your wardrobe
  • Dress policy and what to wear
  • Define a strategic plan to highlight your personal branding
  • Accessory Selection

Day Three Location: In-Store

  • Personal Styling Session (After evaluating your wardrobe and creating capsule plan sheets keeping in mind roles, goals, body shape, and personal style, your image consultant will take you on a shopping trip  while coaching you on what styles, fabrics, and cuts are best for your Image, body shape, and lifestyle)
  • Custom Lookbook



In business, you only have one chance to make a first impression, make sure it's the right one!

One of the most important factors for your company brand is how your customers perceive you. Having the right look is key to a successful business. Get it wrong and your pitch is over before it’s started.

Improving the image of your company can give you the lead on your next sales pitch. Every member of your newly groomed team will exude a new level of confidence and deliver a perfect first impression to your clients. Whether it’s tips on uniforms or advice on how to dress for boardroom meetings, Our Stylist knows exactly the impression you need to be making to seal that all-important deal.

Whether it’s a style consultation or you require her to come in and style your team, you’ll get the styling tips and advice that will give you that professional styling edge. Be sure to make the right impression so you don’t let business walk out the door.