Triangle/ Pear Body Shape Lookbook

Do you have

  • Shoulders that are narrower than hips and maybe sloped
  • Small top half as well as small bust
  • A defined waist thanks to larger hips
  • Full hips and/or thighs
  • Legs that are likely full or muscular
  • Weight gains tend to first be visible around the hips, thighs, and lower tummy area

If your answer is Yes to these questions, you have a triangle body shape. This body shape has large hips that are wider than the bust and shoulders. Discover how to dress for your Body Shape and ensure you know just what to look for when putting outfits together from your wardrobe or when shopping.

Inside this lookbook are styling to suit triangle body shape

  • Neckline styles
  • Sleeves styles
  • Skirt styles
  • Dress Styles
  • Tops, blouse & shirt styles
  • Jacket & Coat Styles
  • Playsuit & Jumpsuit Styles
  • Short Styles
  • Jeans & Trouser Styles, as well as styles to avoid so you are able to dress confidently and buy new clothes successfully for YOUR shape.

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