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In the belief that appearance is directly related to success, Bernitta is committed to teaching her clients to dress beautifully, helping them look polished, whether at an office, at home or on the road.

As a mother of three and a vibrant business owner. She holds a master’s in business administration from Cardiff Metropolitan University and second master’s in human resource management from Hertfordshire University United  Kingdom

Bernitta is a Fashion Institute graduate, a member of the Association of Image Consultants International, and is certified in Image, Visual Branding and Colour Analysis.

Bernitta launched her consulting practice to help people look their best. She finds it rewarding to help others experience the excitement of finding the look that is right for them

Her clientele consists of CEOs and highly placed executives in the media, actors, models, celebrities and people at crossroads in their lives

Bernitta offers a diverse variety of programs ranging from quality corporate image training to individual image coaching for success in your personal life.

In addition to individual consultations, Bernitta’s presentations and workshops educate clients on choosing clothing appropriate to their individual bodies and lifestyles. With her tactful yet direct speaking style, she spreads her enthusiasm about dressing well to inspire confidence in the woman she counsels

Bernitta offers entertaining, energetic and inspiring guidance on any aspect of image, she’s available for corporate and private.

It was lovely to meet you and I found the Wardrobe Consulting session really useful. It was fun, as well as being informative.

Karen James, West Derby, Liverpool

Thanks for all your help yesterday, I really enjoyed the morning with you. I will definitely be using the colours and its nice am having a 36 palette of colours as a guide when shopping on my own, will do my best to follow the advice

Edna, Liverpool

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