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I’m Bernitta, a wife, mother of three. I am a certified Visual Branding Consultant, and a member of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International). My background is in Business Management, and Human Resource, and I am passionate about helping men and women to look, feel and achieve their best through what they wear!  I firmly believe that, when given the right personalised colour and style guidance, people can, regardless of their age, shape and size, learn how to develop a style that is as individual as they are, and build a wardrobe of clothes in which they feel fulfilled and empowered.

 I understand the importance of Professional Image, having a strong Personal Brand, and making a powerful 1st Impression. I also understand the life of a busy entrepreneur and the balancing of family and career. By combining my knowledge and experience, I help men and women present themselves with professionalism, confidence, and poise by using styles and colours.

It was lovely to meet you and I found the Wardrobe Consulting session really useful. It was fun, as well as being informative.

Karen James, West Derby, Liverpool

Thanks for all your help yesterday, I really enjoyed the morning with you. I will definitely be using the colours and its nice am having a 36 palette of colours as a guide when shopping on my own, will do my best to follow the advice

Edna, Liverpool

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